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Generate Web Site Traffic : Various Alternatives

You first have to determine the approach you decide to adopt to generate web site traffic, with each approach having its cost and benefit.

It is a trade off between either spending some money to get fast result or spending nothing or very little to get results at a slower pace, all other factors(variables) like time available to devote, held constant.
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Starting Up Your Own Business Online : Matching, Cashflow & Profitability

In starting up your own business, the importance of the “Matching, “Cashflow” and “Profitability” concepts from the accounting point of view, cannot be over-emphasized.

Probably because I am a professional (Chartered Accountant) versed in that field, I notice a rampant non-adherence in home based web business to this accounting concept, “Matching”. There is also a thorough lack of understanding of the meaning of Cashflow and Profitability all of which ultimately are major reasons why small businesses fail.Read More

Internet Marketing For Small Business : Overview

Internet Marketing for small business primarily consists of the following:

Marketing Online of :
a) One’s product or service, developed from scratch. This for example can be in the form of software, downloadable e-books or even other physical products

Developing one’s product/service from scratch is quite demanding both in terms of finance and time and is quite
risky and more or less the preserve of highly capitalised companies.

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