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Pricebenders Penny Auction Strategy : Multiple Times Winner Reveals

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pricebenders penny auction strategy

Why the need for strategies to win Pricebenders’ penny auction bids?

Winning Pricebenders’ penny auction bids is not luck. A lot has to do with careful planning and research before the auction starts as well as adhering to pre-planned rules and procedures during the auction. In short, it involves skill acquisition.

What qualifies me to write this report?

You may wonder what makes me qualified to write this report. Well, you may not know but i am a multiple times winner of Tripleclicks Pricebenders penny auctions.Read More

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Win Penny Auctions!

penny auctions

win penny auctions

A great opportunity has presented itself for you to win penny auctions of Pricebenders. You may feel that you stand no chance against pros in the “game” and so feel discouraged to participate. But i tell you, things have changed.

Specifically what am i talking about?Read More

New Penny Auctions : Pricebenders Making Waves

penny auction



The new penny auctions site (Pricebenders) of Strong Future International (SFI)’s e-commerce store (Triple Clicks) is fast rising in popularity. It is sure making waves.

It provides an avenue for the skilled to cart away new products at mouth-watering prices.

It is particularly helpful for SFI affiliates in accumulating needed versa points to attain Executive Affiliate (EA) status, which is a prerequisite to a stable and sustainable income level with SFI. It is most suitable for the international affiliate who hitherto relied on digital products to amass the much needed versa points.

It is also helpful in indirectly sponsoring affiliates which is one major pillar of achieving success with the SFI business. These affiliates can either be gotten by way of bidding for and winning S-Builder Co-op Units, Personally Sponsored Affiliates(PSAs) or Co-Sponsored Affiliates(CSAs).




penny auctions


new penny auctions

new penny auctions

Another advantage is that it provides a direct means of recruiting Triple Clicks members who all add to increasing the SFI affiliate’s bottom line. Many price benders adverts are quite irresistible.

Is the possibility of winning brand new products at almost giveaway prices a joke? Certainly not. Is it achievable? Certainly yes.

In the last few months, i took part in some biddings and won outright as you can see in the images above and below.

I had earlier written a blog post on new penny auctions which gives further details and you can also view ==> Pricebenders penny auctions advert.

A word of caution however. While winning bids at Pricebenders auctions is quite attainable, it involves learning the skills required. If you are interested in joining Pricebenders through my link which is FREE, with a view to bidding, i am willing to teach you some of the skills required to win bids.

See today’s auctions

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New Penny Auctions Site

penny auctions

SFI’s(Strong Future International) E-Commerce Website (Triple Clicks) has recently launched a new penny auctions site online (Pricebenders) that is making waves.

A number of penny auctions have taken place where brand new products have been carted away at mouth-watering, almost ridiculously low prices.

View an advert for the penny auctionsRead More

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