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SEO Scam : Webmasters Beware!

It is a known fact that search engine optimization (SEO) is about the most effective, enduring and eventually cheapest means of getting targeted website traffic to any website, hence rampant seo scam should come as no surprise.

Every webmaster is however advised to be on red alert whenever he sees the tell tale signs of seo scam as the implication of doing otherwise may be as devastating as “sand boxing” or even total elimination from google search engine result pages (SERPs) where Google detects any violation of its webmaster guidelines in the course of such seo activities and in respect of which the webmaster becomes answerable for the actions of his agent.

    • What Really Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • In very simple terms search engine optimization (seo) is all the steps taken by a webmaster either directly or through his agents to get his webpage(s) positioned at the top (as highly as possible) on the search engine results pages (SERPs)

    Ordinarily, if every webmaster was to be carrying out his own seo, it is unlikely that webmasters will be susceptible to seo scams. But we know that for various reasons ranging from lack of time to inexperience in that respect, this is not always practicable. Along with this limitation comes the dreaded seo scam.

    • Indicators Of SEO Scam
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    Generate Website Traffic : Strategic SEO Ultimately The Best

    If you have spent any reasonable length of time in Internet Marketing, it would have become clear that out of the many ways by which you can generate website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) remains about the most reliable, eventually cheapest and most enduring means of generating website traffic.

    It is also established that traffic to websites from search engines constitute about 70% of total websites traffic. Of all the search engines, Google accounts for about 60% of the total search engines market share.

    a chart to describe the search engine market
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    The other alternative within search engine marketing to get search engine traffic is via paid search e.g. google adwords, yahoo search marketing etc. which can be quite expensive indeed and you will need a huge budget to utilize it in generating the volume of traffic search engine optimization can generate for you.
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    How To Make Money Online Eventually

    What if i told you that about the best strategy to make money online EVENTUALLY is to be prepared not to make any or much money for the first six months of your entry into internet marketing if you have ample time at your disposal or in fact one year if you are into internet marketing on a part-time basis. What would be your response?

    I am nuts you would say? Or this is mundane? Trite?

    Qualify it with whatever you will, just hear me out. I will tell you my basis for arriving at this conclusion.Read More

    Why You Should Get Traffic To Your Site Directly

    The assumption in trying to get your articles on well established sites (Web 2.0 properties) and high ranking article directories to rank for their targeted keywords/keyword phrases is simply that on reading your article on these sites, the reader will click over to your site and you will thereby get traffic to your site.

    Note that your site is where you have your adverts and other monetization in place which can earn you money. Hence if your assumption above is faulty , you might as well be wasting your time.

    You know what? I have found out that in most cases that assumption is misplaced. Even where you have high views of your articles on article directories, this does not automatically translate to high conversion of visitors from these directories to your website.

    You simply do not get traffic to your site as anticipated, at least not in the volume expected. Read More

    How To Improve Page Rank Fast

    How do you improve page rank fast?

    You must have heard it said many times over that traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business. Of all traffic sources, search engine optimization (SEO) is about the most enduring and effectively, cheapest means in the long run.

    In comparison with pay per click for example, the traffic the marketer generates from search engine optimization (SEO) recurs unlike pay per click where the traffic generated virtually grinds to a halt as soon as the marketer’s expenditure on his advertisement stops. This makes search engine optimization a much sought after means of traffic generation by most marketers.

    However, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. Search engine optimization is a very painstaking and relatively long term method of generating traffic.

    In brief, search engine optimization involves on page and off page site optimization. This again can be looked at from the angle of content creation and optimizing as well as generation of backlinks. All these enable the small business owner to improve page rank of his site.

    The question now arises as to which approach is best for the marketer to achieve effective search engine optimization for his site such that he obtains reasonable volume of traffic to enable sales and profit within the shortest possible time?
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    Google Instant Debuts

    All hail the arrival of Google Instant!

    What is Google Instant?

    Google Instant is an additional or enhanced search feature which shows search suggestions as you type.

    Hitherto, you had to type your search query to the end and press the return key to get search results.

    With this enhanced search feature, you are literally guided by these suggestions as you type and you do not have to press the return key as search results appear as you type and changes accordingly as you proceed until you reach your final search destination, when the search results remain permanent.Read More

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