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Strong Future International (SFI) : Making Payments From Nigeria


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A number of Nigerian SFI Affiliates have asked me couple of times how they can make payment for purchases from Strong Future International (SFI)’s Tripleclicks store, given that credit cards from Nigeria is not acceptable to SFI.

A couple of methods are available for this purpose which will be indicated to you on Tripleclicks website, at the point of “checkout”, after selecting your desired items. Amongst them, over time, the ones i have found most suitable are stated below in order of preference.
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Strong Future International (SFI) Introduces The DAILY GRAND

Strong Future International (SFI)

Strong Future International (SFI), the leading network marketing opportunity online has just this 1st day of January, 2012 introduced “The DAILY GRAND”.

What is “The DAILY GRAND”?

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Strong Future International (SFI) : Maintaining At Least Executive Affiliate (EA) Status

strong future international SFI

A key to making progress with Strong Future International (SFI) is to maintain at least an Executive Affiliate (EA) Status on a monthly basis.

This ensures that you get a share of the Executive Pool and a 45% or 15% share of the commission volume on the purchases/sales of your Directly Sponsored Affiliates and Co-Sponsored Affiliates respectively.

Initially when you are not yet earning an income at least commensurate with your expenses, this may be a daunting task.

Let me however highlight a few ways by which you can more easily accomplish this task. Read More

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Win Penny Auctions!

penny auctions

win penny auctions

A great opportunity has presented itself for you to win penny auctions of Pricebenders. You may feel that you stand no chance against pros in the “game” and so feel discouraged to participate. But i tell you, things have changed.

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Network Marketing Opportunity Beckons : As SFI Simplifies And Improves Compensation Plan

network marketing opportunity

The network marketing industry woke up this morning to the cheering news that SFI(Strong Future International) has taken a bold step to simplify and improve its compensation plan to its affiliates.

Hitherto, though a solid and reputable network marketing opportunity, it was obvious something was wrong with the SFI compensation plan as the company failed to retain a significant proportion of affiliates who daily throng its shores.

It was usually a case of many joining, feeling the pulse, many unable to generate any income and the mass majority eventually quitting after spending months and in some cases, years as affiliates.

What was the bane of the previous compensation plan?
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SFI Payment Options : AlertPay Berths At The Shores Of SFI’s TripleClicks Store

This must indeed be good times for international members of Strong Future International (SFI) as Gery Carson, the Chief Executive of Strong Future International (SFI)/TripleClicks made good his promise to introduce more flexible payment options for Strong Future International (SFI)/TripleClicks Store products.

AlertPay, a well rated international payment processor has just berthed at the shores of Strong Future International’s Triple Clicks Store.Read More

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