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Just Starting Own Business? Crucial Things You Must Know About “NoFollow”

The “nofollow” attribute refers to an insertion of html code within the source code of a web page effectively instructing search engine bots not to follow a particular link to its specified destination.

The source code appears as follows:

<a href=””rel=”nofollow”>exampleanchortext</a>

This is also shown below in html as you can see, if you have a firefox SEO add on, to detect “nofollow” links.


The “nofollow” attribute was a creation of Google sometime around 2005, ostensibly to counter spamming. To what extent this objective has been achieved is debatable.

The “nofollow” attribute has the following consequences for the web page at the specified destination.
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Join SFI Affiliate Program

Did you know the following about Strong Future International (SFI)?

=> Free to join

=> SFI was launched in 1998

=> Started with only one product sold in the US

=> Now has over 21926 products and services sold in more than 190 countries around the world exclusively in its Triple Clicks Store and an additional 10000 products and services in its new ECA program within the Triple Clicks Store.
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Starting Own Business Online


Starting own business is the most beneficial action you can take to help yourself.

It is common knowledge that a regular job will in most cases be only adequate to cover your everyday expenses, not leaving enough for re-investment and taking care of your retirement period, hence the more reason to start own business.

It is common to be scared to “take the plunge” in starting up your own business, but the risks associated with this can be mitigated by a phasing of your permanent withdrawal from the regular job.Read More

Starting Your Own Small Business Online: 3 Essential Tools Required


I list hereunder in order of necessity/importance, 3 essential tools required on starting a home based internet business.
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