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Starting Own Business Online


Starting own business is the most beneficial action you can take to help yourself.

It is common knowledge that a regular job will in most cases be only adequate to cover your everyday expenses, not leaving enough for re-investment and taking care of your retirement period, hence the more reason to start own business.

It is common to be scared to “take the plunge” in starting up your own business, but the risks associated with this can be mitigated by a phasing of your permanent withdrawal from the regular job.Read More

Starting Up Your Own Business Online : Matching, Cashflow & Profitability

In starting up your own business, the importance of the “Matching, “Cashflow” and “Profitability” concepts from the accounting point of view, cannot be over-emphasized.

Probably because I am a professional (Chartered Accountant) versed in that field, I notice a rampant non-adherence in home based web business to this accounting concept, “Matching”. There is also a thorough lack of understanding of the meaning of Cashflow and Profitability all of which ultimately are major reasons why small businesses fail.Read More

Internet Marketing For Small Business : Overview

Internet Marketing for small business primarily consists of the following:

Marketing Online of :
a) One’s product or service, developed from scratch. This for example can be in the form of software, downloadable e-books or even other physical products

Developing one’s product/service from scratch is quite demanding both in terms of finance and time and is quite
risky and more or less the preserve of highly capitalised companies.

Read More

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