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Achieving Top Search Engine Placement For Your Site Content Despite Duplicates On Other Sites

If you perused my article on top search engine placement, you will have realized that it is quite important to lay emphasis on achieving top search engine placement for your own website content rather than your content on others’.

The emphasis in this article is to identify how you can literally “have your cake and eat it” by having your content placed on these Web 2.0 properties and other high ranking websites/article directories, gain the advantages resulting therefrom and still get your own website content to attain top search engine placement.
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Get Top Search Engine Placement : For Your Own Site And Not For Others’!

Getting top search engine placement for your own site is often overlooked as emphasis is usually placed on getting top search engine placement for whichever site you have a presence on.

Presence could be in the form of blogs or articles you maintain on Web 2.0 properties or other article directories, adverts you have placed on different websites, your affiliate websites which are hosted on your principal’s website etc.

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