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Content Is King – Is This Always True?

The saying “Content Is King” is very popular but the question that arises is, is this always true?

To me, that saying should not be taken verbatim as it could be misleading.

  1. It could seem to imply that any content including junk can be king.
  2. It could derogate from the importance of backlinks.

My conclusion therefore is that the term should more aptly be “Quality Content That Generates Backlinks(aka link bait) Is King”
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Increase Traffic To Website, Using Inner Pages

So many internet marketers are oblivious of the fact that a good way to increase traffic to website is by utilizing their inner pages. It goes further to enhance the “average” pagerank of your website.

It is also not only a good way to increase traffic to website but it is also a good way to enhance your website’s conversion rate.

How do i mean?
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Article Writing Tips : Factors That Make Article Writing Effective

Article writing if properly applied, is one of the most effective forms of advertisement in internet marketing.

It generates large viral traffic even for a few well written articles.

For article writing to be effective however, some key factors must be taken into consideration right from the outset of article writing. Read More

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