Getting for your own site is often overlooked as emphasis is usually placed on getting top search engine placement for whichever site you have a presence on.

Presence could be in the form of blogs or articles you maintain on Web 2.0 properties or other article directories, adverts you have placed on different websites, your affiliate websites which are hosted on your principal’s website etc.

While these have their own advantages, they also have a lot of drawbacks.

Before we dwell on the need to get top search engine placement for your own site, as a basis for a sound judgment, let us quickly take a look at the major advantages of the current rampant approach of getting top search engine placement for other websites where you maintain a presence.

  • Since the target is usually web 2.0 properties, it almost immediately propels whatever you feature on these websites and indirectly your website, to the limelight with the accompanying enhanced traffic generation benefit.

  • Again, since these other websites are high ranking, if properly harnessed, they can assist in pulling up the search engine ranking of your own website and help you get top search engine placement for your keywords which you would otherwise not have ranked for.

    This no doubt jump-starts your efforts.

There, the benefits seem to end.

Why now the need to get top search engine placement for your own site?

  • Since the ultimate objective of getting top search engine placement for any site you choose is to divert traffic from such websites to yours and as a leverage to of your website, if you can achieve these objectives directly, naturally it would be better off.
  • By your own very actions, you are placing these web 2.0 properties and other high ranking websites where you have presence and are trying hard to rank for, in direct competition with your own site, especially where the content you have placed on those sites are similar to yours.

    In its search results for example, Google tries hard to avoid duplicate content and would only rank one website for a particular content.This site most likely may turn out to be where you have placed content rather than your direct website, given the authority of such websites.

    You therefore retard the progress of your own website. More like giving up your birthright for a pot of porridge.

  • You dissipate so much energy and costs towards further enhancing a multitude of other websites, half of which if concentrated on just one website (yours), will ultimately have a more beneficial result for you.
  • If you are suspended from such Web 2.0 sites or your account is closed by some high ranking article directories, you also are likely to loose your ranking since the page on which you have your content is hosted on their site.

    Liken it to hosting your blog with blogger or wordpress compared to hosting your blog on your site and the implication becomes clearer.

    Let me show you an example where the webmaster placed some articles on GoArticles website and had done some SEO work pointing at the articles. Months later, he discovered that his articles had been removed.

    => Trouble with GoArticles, getting articles removed

  • Your main objective of making sales and earning profit will be better served if it was your direct website that gets top search engine placement.

    Realize that it is on your website that you have all the “bells and whistles ready to take orders” and not on these websites where you have placed content.

    Your hope which quite often is not realized or realized to a much lesser degree than expected is that the visitors to these other websites will now click over to your website.

Am i now advocating that you do not place content on Web 2.0 properties and other high ranking websites?

Far from it. Just that it has to be done in a particular manner.

In what manner?
Go to => Top Search Engine Placement

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