The procedure for achieving for your targeted keyword phrases can be simply documented as follows

    • Keyword Research
      This is the foundation on which all other things will be built. As you know in physical construction, a house built on a faulty foundation will eventually collapse. Exactly so it is with trying to achieve top search engine ranking for your keyword phrases in internet marketing.
      Thus, use tools such as Wordtracker and/or Google Keyword Tool which are free, to identify keyword phrases that have a reasonable search volume but with relatively low competition.

      If you want to identify long tail keyword phrases in more depth, then you can go for the paid tools such as Market Samurai or Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite Software.

    • Content Creation
      On identification of your keyword phrases, you now have to create content revolving around the phrase or phrases.
      There are three ways to go about this.
      1. Inserting your keyword phrase in an emphasised position, probably with a relatively big font size or hyperlinked, all on your home page.

        You must have noticed some webmasters use this approach with many emphasised keywords/keyword phrases on their home page.

      1. Another alternative is to leave the website’s home page relatively uncongested by targeting only few major keywords/keyword phrases on the home page and pushing relatively more minor keywords/keyword phrases to inner pages.

        In this case, you select one or few keywords/keyword phrases to target per inner page and create content revolving around these.

        In this case, you simply follow the rules as i have enunciated in

        Better Search Engine Placement : 3 Quick Tips

      1. A third approach is a combination of a) and b) above by having the keywords/keyword phrases emphasised/highlighted in your home page say by hyperlinks and having these links redirect to content created around these keywords/keyword phrases on the inner pages.
    • Indexing Of Created Content
      Once the content revolving around your targeted keywords/keyword phrases is in place, the next task is to get your content indexed with the search engines.
      This can be speedily achieved by literally “standing in the path of the search engine bots”. What do i mean by this? Simple! Get one or two pointing to this content on high traffic websites, usually the web 2.0 properties such as Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Hubpages etc.

      You will observe that within a short while, usually a few days, the content you created would have been indexed.

    • Having now gotten your content indexed, you can now go to town getting massive backlinks pointing at your content through various means e.g. blog commenting, forum posting, profile creation, submission of content to article directories etc.
      It is to gain advantage by having to concentrate on targeting most backlinks to the home page and therefore achieving results faster with minimal effort, in ranking for multiple keywords, that you see some webmasters use the approach i indicated in (2.a) above. i.e. stuffing their home page with keywords/keyword phrases they are targetting to rank for.
      Backlinks are better off in anchor text form using the keywords/keyword phrases you have inserted in strategic positions in your website content. But in whichever form, you should not miss any opportunity of creating a backlink pointing to your website content.
      It should be emphasised that while quantity is important, quality of the websites you get the backlinks from, in terms of PageRank, is more significant.
  • Follow these “4 steps to top search engine ranking” for any keywords/keyword phrases and you will be on the first page of Google in no time, for your chosen keywords.

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