Just a quick heads up to all to be very careful when surfing . Be especially on the look-out for who are out to extract your security details i.e. user-name and password.

As you very well know, once access is gained to these your security details, a lot of havoc can be done.

  • If you have accumulated credits on your account, they could be used up without your knowledge.
  • If you simultaneously use these same security details for other important sites such as your email or worse still, your credit/debit card, then you may be in for a “treat”.

This is the more reason why you should never use your main security details i.e. user-name and password that you utilize on important sites such as your email and credit/debit cards, to register on traffic exchanges.

As a sample, while surfing on EasyHits4U(dot)com, i came across a site asking me to click “Ok” if i wanted to exit the site and “Cancel” if i wanted to stay on. I naturally clicked “Ok” in my desire to leave the site. I was taken to a site with an exact replica of the log in page of EasyHits4U. I became suspicious having read somewhere earlier, of the “modus operandi” of these sites. Alas! on looking up at the url presented, it was


Can you notice the similarity? I was lucky enough not to have inserted my security details, though i just stopped short of doing that.

Some words of caution:
Always look up at the Navigation toolbar to vet the url of any site asking for your log in details to confirm it belongs to the Traffic Exchange you are surfing !

Never click “Ok” whenever you intend to move on with surfing other sites and the current site throws up a pop-up with the option to click “Ok” to move out of that page/site. Instead, click “Cancel” if even a number of times 🙂 , otherwise you could be led into a booby trap. Instead, use other means to always move on to browsing other sites.

Unfortunately, many sites genuinely use the pop-ups to either offer the surfer to “Cancel” to stay on in their site or click “Ok” to move out of their site and on to browsing other sites. The issue however is how will you have a fore-knowledge of the “genuine” sites. Better therefore to err on the side of caution by refusing to click “Ok”, as who knows when and where a booby trap will be waiting.

Be on the lookout. A word is enough for the wise!