In the post Uploading Images To Websites, I explained how to upload images to HTML websites. In this post, we shall talk about to your wordpress blog.

Let’s shoot!

There are basically two methods by which you can upload images to your wordpress blog.

  1. The first method is quite simple. All you have to do is to take an already generated image url and insert it into the html portion of your editor. This image web page will already be hosted on your html website as explained in Uploading Images To Websites or perhaps on a third party server. You also have to specify the image dimensions required, the alt tag desired and if you so wish, the image alignment (left, centre or middle) desired.
    Save the post. It is as simple as that.

    You can go ahead and insert just before the image url, the web page you want the image to redirect to when clicked, all in hyperlinks.

    See this example below :

    <a href=””><img¬† src=”” alt=”” title=”liquid multivitamin” width=”220″ height=”293″ /></a>

    The above html will produce the image below.

    With this method, the image is hosted on a web page outside your wordpress blog but still on your website in your web host’s server.

    This method can be somewhat problematic if you are not proficient in it. The second method is quite easier.

    However, if you do not wish to fiddle with the web page the image should be redirected to nor the dimensions, many affiliate programs present their image urls(complete) with redirection
    in place and all you have to do is insert it without any modification, into the html portion of your editor. You need to get an exact fit (in dimension) banner/image , otherwise you must know how to fiddle with the dimensions to get the fit you want.

  2. With this second method, we allow wordpress to generate the image url and the image will thus reside directly on your wordpress blog directory of your website, in your web host’s server.

    In this case, you right click on any image you want to upload to your wordpress blog and “save as” to a desired folder(probably – “My Pictures”) on your computer system.

    You now place your cursor at any point on your editor where you want to insert the image. You look at the dashboard on top of your editor for the symbol of “image” and click to begin the upload process”. Click on “browse” and select the particular image you just “saved as” onto your computer system and then upload. Finally, “insert into post”

    To have the proper fit you want, all you have to do is adjust the dimension i.e. width and height to suit your requirement.

Simple and straightforward, isn’t it?

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