In the post => Uploading Images To Websites , i referred to this post explaining the pros and cons of either using images hosted on your server or images hosted on someone else’s server, on your site.

Here we go!

  1. You get to have a conservation of bandwidth on your own server if you are linking to an image on someone else’s server. This can be very useful especially if you have a limitation of bandwidth on your server, moreso if you have a lot of visitors, since images consume a lot of bandwidth.
  2. For images not hosted on your server, control is actually out of your hands and such images can be removed, switched with another one etc by the host webmaster with consequent effect on your own site which may witness a missing image or irrelevant or less desired image if switched.
  3. Self hosted images have a faster load time since your web server does not have to access multiple resources to download and display the images. Page load times are very critical since a user attention span is less than 10-15 seconds. So having self hosted images definitely helps you to cut down on load times.
  4. There is also a conservation of disk space usage when you use third party servers as images again consume a lot of bandwidth. If you are thus constrained by disk space, a viable option may be the hosting of some of your images with a third party.
  5. Security concerns often exist when linking to third party servers where images are hosted. Except where such hosts(webmasters and web host) can be vouched for, one can be exposed to security risks as expressed in this security forum thread.

    => Third-party hosted image linking disabled

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