One of the most important things any webmaster who wishes to succeed on the internet must learn to do and be proficient in, is how to create .

As you may have heard it said many times, “the money is in the list”. It is very rare for you to see a visitor visit a web page and make an immediate purchase. Rather, most visitors take their time to make up their mind. From statistics, it is even stated that on average, a visitor needs to see a web page information about seven times before he makes up his mind on the course of action he wants to take.

That makes it very essential for every webmaster to capture basic information such as email address and first name of his visitors with an implied permission to communicate with the visitor on internet marketing issues. The latter part is required in compliance with the law so that one is not accused of spamming. The webmaster can then subsequently begin a campaign to subtly continuously market his product or service to the visitor.

The apt way to go about capturing these basic information to begin the subtle marketing of your product or service to your visitors is through a , otherwise called and the most vital component of this or squeeze page is the which actually captures the visitors basic information.

The lead capture page can for example be placed strategically via a wordpress plugin – “exit rescue”, at the point of departure of the visitor from your website/blog, when the squeeze page will pop up. These could also be used at Traffic exchanges as a means to funnel traffic into the webmasters autoresponder (the tireless salesman) which will then take over from there.

On the other hand, the web form can also be used independently of the lead capture page by inserting it in strategic places/points on the webmasters site/blog. It could be inserted for example at the sidebar or even in some blog posts.

The ability to create these web forms as and when the webmaster requires them thus becomes very important. Gladly, life is now made easier for webmasters by market leaders in the and autoresponder business such as who have gone ahead to make available to its customers FREE of charge, the necessary tools to be able to create these crucial web forms.

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