You just joined ? or you have joined for a while but just cannot get your bearing right?

Well, first of all, Welcome To SFI!

I will advise that it is best you start out by quickly going through as much literature on the SFI website as you can, to give you a feel of the business.

You can start out with SFI BASICS
You can go next to LAUNCHPAD

This will ensure you understand at least the basics and your questions will then be limited to fewer areas you do not comprehend. Naturally, no sponsor will like to take up the role of a full mentor but will be willing to point you in the right direction when he/she sees you are making efforts on your own part.

What Is Versapoints?

Points awarded to affiliates for a variety of actions, as outlined on the VP Ledger.

The main USE of versapoints is that it ENHANCES the commissions you earn. On its own, it GENERATES very little commissions unless you advance to Team Leader status when you become qualified to earn “Matching Versapoints”. Team Leaders “ride on” the versapoints generated by their sponsored affiliates.

What Is “Matching Versapoints”?

This is equivalent versapoints to that earned by EA2’s in a Team Leader’s downline, which the Team Leader is credited with, in addition to his own personal versapoints and which qualifies him for an equivalent number of shares of the “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL”

To buttress the point that Versapoints on its own generates very little commissions for those who are not Team Leaders, you can view the table below to see the commission of the “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL” GENERATED per Versapoint, from the beginning of 2012.

MonthCommission Per Versapoint
January 20120.0007075
February 20120.0007138
March 20120.0006437
April 20120.0006763

Taking April 2012 as an example, you need to have generated 44359 versapoints that month alone (not cummulative), to GENERATE just $30 commissions from the “TRIPLECLCICKS EXECUTIVE POOL”.

In fact, until recently when the new/current SFI Compensation Plan was launched, Versapoints GENERATED no commissions at all by itself but only ENHANCED commissions an affiliate can earn.

What Does It Mean To “ENHANCE”?

The higher the versapoints you earn each month, the higher you rise in the SFI hierarchy and the higher the PAYOUT, PERKS etc you become entitled to. The higher you are on the “SFI Ladder” i.e. affiliate hierarchy, the more commissions you become able to derive from your sales/purchases actions, that of your directly sponsored affiliates, co-sponsors and referred Tripleclicks members.

SFI has allotted Commission Volume(CV) to all its products.

What is this Commission Volume? This is simply a share of the profit of each unit of the product, that SFI has earmarked for distribution to its affiliates. With the new compensation plan, a Sponsor earns 45% of the Commission volume in commissions while a Co-Sponsor earns 15% of the Commission Volume in commissions, while the remaining 40% of the Commission Volume in commissions, is kept in a “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL”, to be shared on the basis of versapoints earned. It is this recent introduction of the “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL” with the launching of SFI’s current compensation plan, that made it possible to now GENERATE commissions from versapoints.

To ENHANCE your commissions for example, it becomes clear that the more directly sponsored affiliates you bring into SFI, the more your commissions, since you get paid commissions at a higher rate than for Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

Also, the more versapoints you earn, the higher the commissions you earn from the “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL”

If you are a Team Leader, the more versapoints you encourage your referrals to earn, the more commissions you earn from the “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL”

If Versapoints on its own do not GENERATE much commissions, then what does?

Good question!

==> Sales and Purchases

Let me make it clear that you do not earn commissions on your own purchases. You only earn versapoints. You however earn 45% commission on the purchases of your personally sponsored affiliate or referred Tripleclicks member, at Tripleclicks store. Unlike for your personally sponsored affiliates, you equally earn versapoints on the purchases of your referred Tripleclicks member.

You also earn 15% commission on the purchases/sales of your co-sponsored affiliates.

The commissions you earn on a single product sale/purchase (directly and through your downline as apllicable) depending on the sales price of the product, often exceeds the totality of the commissions you can earn from the “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL” for the whole month.

Other Uses/Benefits Of Versapoints

  • Versapoints acquired which is between 1500 to 2999 a month, confers on you an Executive Affiliate Status for that month and qualifies you to receive 2 Co-Sponsored Affiliates for that month, though actually given out about the 12th of the next month. This in turn enables you to begin earning co-sponsor commissions.
  • It is this qualification as an EA via a minimum of 1500 versapoints that qualifies you to share in the “TRIPLECLICKS EXECUTIVE POOL” explained above.
  • It also qualifies you for T-Credit Bonus which currently stands at 10 T-Credits per month for an Executive Affiliate.
  • Attaining this versapoints level of 1500 and hence EA status, qualifies you to partake in the ECA Referral Program whereby you can recruit ECA’s and earn lifetime royalties of 10% on every sale the ECA makes.
  • Versapoints is a very useful tool for the SFI management to influence actions. SFI simply applies or raises versapoints for any actions it finds beneficial(for its own sake?) for affiliates to take. For example, a 500 maximum versapoints at 1(one) versapoint per bid is given to affiliates for Pricebenders bids apparently because SFI wants to influence more affiliates to bid on Pricebenders.

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