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A great opportunity has presented itself for you to of . You may feel that you stand no chance against pros in the “game” and so feel discouraged to participate. But i tell you, things have changed.

Specifically what am i talking about? Pricebenders, the penny auctions site of which itself is the E-Commerce store of (), has made it possible for complete novices to participate and win penny auctions by featuring new auctions labelled “1st Win Auctions” in which only bidders who have never won any of it’s auctions can participate. This type of bidding sessions commences from Wednesday 31st August, 2011.

Talking of innovations, SFI is always a forerunner any day and is compassionate enough to take into consideration the fact that some bidders are more skilled in the “game” than others and so win penny auctions multiple times while the mass majority have no opportunity to taste victory.

Check out
==> examples of the brand new products that are daily won on Pricebenders for pennies

and be rest assured you can also be a winner since
==> i can win penny auctions multiple times even without this new leverage being offered.

==> past winners of pricebenders penny auctions
and join there, in this beautiful opportunity to acquire brand new products for pennies.

Have you been trying to join SFI for a while but you are concerned with how to build your down line? Or did you leave SFI due to inability to acquire down lines? Stop sweating!

Pricebenders is a beautiful opportunity to acquire downlines through Co-Sponsored Affiliates(CSA) and S-Builder auctions which take place multiple times daily on Pricebenders auctions.

See ==> today’s auctions

Want more details on this new opportunity to win penny auctions? Go here for details
==> New “1st Win Auctions” Begin Wednesday!

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