It is funny sometimes when one realizes that some things we take for granted that everyone knows, given that it seems obvious, is not known to a lot.

I recollect that even though the was all the while at the top of the screen where i wrote my posts, for a long time i never knew its function nor the function of many other tags at the top of the screen.

The moment i knew the function of the wordpress more tag however and realized its importance, i made it a point of duty to identify the function of other tags at the top of the screen.

I later realized i was not alone in this initial ignorance, as questions regarding it often cropped up at forums.

Function of the WordPress more tag

The wordpress more tag is simply used to split a blog post between a teaser and the main body/content of a blog post.

While the wordpress more tag directly at the top of the screen can be used for the above purpose, there are some automated alternatives to use to serve this same purpose

=> Homepage Excerpts WordPress Plugin

=> Evermore: a WordPress plugin

I will let you into some forum discussions regarding the wordpress more tag before indicating the pros and cons of using each.

=> how to shorten post on homepage

=> WP Plugin That Automatically Adds ‘Read More’?

Now to the advantages and disadvantages of each

Using the automatic WordPress Plugin is fast and easy as it is automatic once installed and pre-set. You can grab the first x-words from the post or pre-set it to use the excerpts you wrote.

On the other hand, though the wordpress more tag at the top of the screen is manual and so more time consuming to use, it gives great flexibility by the ability to determine at what point to insert it and thereby split the post into teaser and the main body/content.

The number of words after the wordpress more tag is inserted, can vary from post to post and therein lies its greater advantage over the wordpress plugin, as there are usually specific points which vary from post to post, where i for example choose to insert this wordpress more tag.

Usually, this point is often a point when i decide to leave the visitor in suspense and desiring more.

Such points will naturally vary from post to post and can only be determined manually.

As breaking a blog post into teaser and main body/content at a point of suspense is very crucial to me, i have therefore opted for using the wordpress more tag on the screen over the wordpress plugin.

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