I can recollect that when () was first launched many years ago, the was not available in the open market. You could only get the domains if you were going to participate in the , the total cost(including domain) of which amounted to $10/month.

Of recent, i checked two popular domain registrars : GoDaddy and NameCheap and found the domains listed amongst available domains.

What is this saying?

My own interpretation is that it implies the business opportunity is no longer highly patronized as it was before and the promoters of GDI are now willing to make do with the limited income available from selling purely .ws domains rather than loose it all.

The return on investment from the Global Domains International business opportunity is actually not too encouraging given that you make $1 on each referral with your $10 monthly subscription. The strong point favoring GDI earlier had been the relatively low investment when compared to most available business opportunities.

Global Domains International (GDI) had really never had a very strong product given the strength of the .com domains and the fact that people are quite often resistant to change.

The way it is now i.e.with GDI .WS domains now on sale in the open market, i think will boost the sales of the .WS domains since people will not have to equally carry the burden of the relatively low yielding business opportunity. You are now left primarily with paying yearly, the normal domain cost.

If you have had a .WS domain which you have built backlinks to in the past but have abandoned for the .COM domain, this is an opportunity to get some value from it as you can simply buy back your .WS domain (if still available) and at least redirect it to your current .COM domain.

It is also an opportunity to scout for abandoned .WS domains of others with some value given its backlinks and age and at least redirect to your .COM domain, if you do not intend to directly utilize it as a secondary domain.

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