Quite often, one notices that many newbie internet marketers alternate haphazardly between the use or otherwise, of the prefix www before their domain name, when building backlinks to their web pages without really appreciating the necessity for consistency in the utilization of a particular choice.

Effect Of Inconsistency In Application

The effect of the above action is a dilution of the backlinks to your and so a watering down of the effect of your building efforts. A particular webpage that should perhaps be ranking PR2 with the total backlinks built to that webpage will probably be ranking PR1 This is because Google considers the two choices i.e. domain names with and without www prefix as separate web pages.

This would also affect the site’s rankings on the pages (SERPs)

How To Remedy The Situation

Trying to correct the various backlinks to reflect only your preferred choice is impracticable as you may have built such a large number of backlinks that you cannot even identify the exact location of most.

Where you can even identify the location of the backlinks, you may not be in a position to effect any changes thereon e.g. in respect of backlinks. These reside on others’ websites and you have no access to effect corrections. You may however be able to effect corrections for example on backlinks you gathered while posting on forums.

If you have already made the mistake of an haphazard application, a better option is to take the following steps to remedy the situation.

Notify Google Of Your Preferred Choice

This is usually done by indicating the two choices in your Google Webmaster Tools Account and then indicating your preference. Google will thus thereafter respect your indicated preference in its rankings.

Redirect From One To The Other

This is effected by doing a 301 redirect from one alternative, to your preferred alternative. Some such as , do carry this out on behalf of their customers if you so request. If you are also savvy, you can use hostgator tools in your control panel to effect this 301 redirect.

How To Confirm That The 301 Redirect Is In Place

You will need to confirm that the 301 redirect you effected is correctly in place.

This can be dome by entering one alternative in your web browser address bar and watch it switch over to your preferred alternative. If the redirect is not in place, when you enter one alternative in your web browser address bar, that alternative will simply remain in place without switching over to your preferred alternative.

Given that it may redirect from one alternative to your preferred alternative without being a 301 redirect, you also need to confirm that actually, a 301 redirect is in place. This can be done by using one of the various redirect checkers available online, such as

==> 301 Redirect Checker

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